Tutor Doctor Hawaii supports academic growth for all students!

Tutor Doctor Hawaii is a comprehensive learning center dedicated to providing a wide range of academic support and enrichment opportunities for students across all age groups. From toddlers taking their very first steps into education to seasoned high schoolers and adults seeking continued learning, we cater to diverse educational needs.

Our services offer personalized one-on-one tutoring in all core subjects, specialized SAT/SSAT test preparation, and private school readiness tutoring. Additionally, we offer specialized small-group enrichment programs aimed at stimulating academic curiosity and nurturing development.. These programs include engaging school break S.T.E.A.M. camps tailored for students in Grades 1 through Grade 5, interactive parent-and-me classes centered around play-based learning for toddlers, and much more.

Whether a student seeks assistance to overcome academic challenges or desires new avenues for educational growth and exploration, Tutor Doctor Hawaii is here to offer a supportive environment that fosters confidence and nurtures successful learners both inside and outside the traditional classroom setting. 

Learning Center

We are based in Manoa Marketplace, in Honolulu, Oahu. Our brick-and-mortar home features a series of classrooms along with a newly built play-space for our toddler and PreK programs. All of our school break S.T.E.A.M camps take place at our learning center in Manoa, as does much of our tutoring; however, we also provide remote tutoring options, and in-home in-person tutoring for special circumstances. 

Come by and visit us in person, or inquire online about any of our programs!

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