Tutor Doctor Hawaii’s Summer Reading Bingo Challenge!

Encourage your child to enjoy reading during their time off from school by participating in Tutor Doctor Hawaii’s Summer Reading Bingo Challenge!
  • Recommended for elementary school students entering grades K-5
  • Download and print the Summer Reading Bingo Challenge worksheet
  • Have your child write the title of the book they used to complete the the reading activity squares on the worksheet as they are completed. This is on an honor system, so we kindly ask that you please help to monitor your child’s progress.
  • Win Bingo by completing any of the following:
    • Super Reader – 5 completed squares in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row
    • Expert Reader – Blackout (all squares completed)

Bring your completed Bingo worksheet to the learning center during regular office hours to earn rewards!

The Summer Reading Bingo Challenge runs now through August 15, 2022


Rewards redeemable July 1 – August 15
Tutor Doctor Hawaii office hours
Monday – Saturday10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Tutor Doctor Hawaii’s Creative Writing Contest 2021 Winners!


Congratulations to CARISA ARENDS (Kindergarten), who wrote an enjoyable story about a cat and a mouse who were late for school and their birthday celebrations.

Congratulations to KEAHI HERNANDEZ (4th grade), who wrote a thrilling adventure about a Pegasus that was cursed by magical powder that was shot from a canon on a pirate ship.  The story concluded with the discovery of an ancient book that contained instructions to reverse the cruse, and the Pegasus was thankfully healed!

Winners received a gift card to Fun Factory and Bay View Mini-Putt and Zipline.

Thank you to all who participated in the writing contest!  Each story was imaginative and cleverly written, and it was difficult to choose a winner.  All contestants received a special gift for participating.  

Summer Camp 2021

Summer 2021 Classes Recap

Use the Force : Exploring Magnetic Fields

WEEK 1 (June 1 – June 4; Memorial Day Holiday) $372
“Don’t underestimate the power of the force.” – Darth Vader.

Join us for a week of learning about the force of magnets. Don’t worry there is no threat of joining the Dark Side… but you will get to use “the force” to make things move, dance, and give you directions in your next journey.

Students will learn about magnetism and static electricity by making their own compass, art that dances by magnetic power, and much more this week. STEM and art projects will be complimented by a writing class where students will practice their writing skills by creating a “How Things Work” style article.

3. 2. 1. Lift off! 

Week 2 (June 7 – June 11) $465
“Houston we have a problem!”

Your mission: get to Mars safely — but you have to build your own rocket, landing contraption and Mars rover. Can you use your engineering skills and creativity to help SpaceX complete the Mars Mission?

In this Mission to Mars unit students will use their knowledge of engineering and physics to create a rocket, landing contraption and exploration rover.  Students will learn about the history of space travel and more about their solar system. They will also explore the universe through painting and creating their own Sci-Fi short story.

If You Give a Dinosaur a Cookie 

Week 3 (June 14 – June 18) $465

“If you give a dinosaur a cookie…” it might just end up as part of the fossil record. Join us this week as we dig up information about dinosaurs, fossilization, and how weathering and erosion shapes the world. Explore your imagination as you create a story about what happens when you give a dinosaur a cookie. And bring home a fossil of your own creation!

This week, students will learn about the process of fossilization and how weathering and erosion affected the geology of the earth in the past and how it continues to affect the earth today. Going from fact to fiction, students will write about dinosaurs in a creative way! Inspired by the famous book “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie” students will learn how to write a short, fun, cause and effect story that they will get to illustrate themselves!

Project Illumination 

Week 4 (June 21 – June 25) $465

Why do we see rainbows so often? How does a periscope work? How do we see so many different colors around us? Join us for “Project Illumination” and we will shed some light on the natural wonders around us. Build your own periscope, learn about the beautiful Northern Lights, and explore the world of lights and colors with us!

In “Project Illumination” students will learn about different properties of light and how they are at work around us every day. They will build their own periscope, make rainbows with prisms, and even learn about the Northern Lights as they create their own depiction of this natural wonder. Rounding out the learning, students will create their very own fictional story to explain why the Northern Lights exist and why their beauty is so remarkable.

Shape Detectives

Week 5 (June 28 – July 2) $465

Have you ever wondered why bridges are so sturdy or why tall buildings are so strong? Join us as a shape detective to explore how geometry and shapes help engineers build bridges and buildings. Continue to investigate the purpose of shapes by creating an art project completely inspired by geometry.

As shape detectives, students will learn about geometry and engineering and will build their very own bridge out of popsicle sticks! They will also explore the art of tessellations, learning how to calculate each shape to make a unique work of art. Finishing the detective work, students will become a private investigator, writing a short mystery story from a first person perspective.

Everything In Its Place: Classification and Habitats. 

Week 6 (July 6 – July 9; 4th of July Holiday) $372

Animals, plants, fungi, and more! There are so many things living around us! Help us understand where plants and animals best survive! In this week you will get to learn how scientists organize all living things to help us learn more about them. You will also create your very own creature and its habitat and explore the mysterious world of fungi! Get ready to learn even more about some of your favorite creatures.

Students will learn about scientific classification and how this helps scientists better understand the billions of living things on the planet. They will play games practicing their knowledge of taxonomy and classification. They will also get to create their very own creature, applying their knowledge of needs and habitats in their informational writing about their creature. Students will get to briefly explore the mysterious world of fungi and bacteria through experiments.

Up, Up, and Away! 

Week 7 (July 12 – July 16) $465

How do things fly? And why do things that fly always have to come down? Explore the world of flight and the power of gravity as you build your very own flying machines out of everyday objects! What if you had the power of flight? What would that be like? Create your very own superhero comic to tell us about having the power of flight and how this helps you save the world!

Up, Up, and Away will teach students about the properties of flight and gravity. Students will create a variety of flying machines using household objects. Students will also explore how gravity can help in the artistic process, creating unique paintings using a pendulum. Lastly, students will get to write a short comic book about a superhero creatively expressing powers such as flight, strength and more.

Power Up!  

Week 8 (July 19 – July 23) $465

Have you ever wondered just how your flashlight works? Learn about electricity and circuits as you build your very own light-up wand.  Combine artistic skills with your science knowledge and make a greeting card that lights up and a little vibrating bot. Power up and get ready to explore the wonders of electricity.

In Power Up, students will learn about electrical circuits and how to create their own simple circuits. They will use these circuits to create a light-up wand, a glowing greeting card, and a vibrating bot. In art class, students will also use images of circuits to learn how to make precise and detailed stamps. Rounding out the circuit of the week, students will learn how to write a short story about a journey, inspired by the one and only Dr. Seuss. Get ready for lights and rhymes in this week of power and circuits.

Bend it! Don’t Break it! : The Power of Elasticity

Week 9 (July 26 – July 30) $465

Join us for this last week of STEM, Art and Writing fun! Learn about the power of elasticity and see just how much a rubber band can do! Build a rubber band car, boat, and even a bow and arrow! Even bend and stretch clay to create various different sculptures to display in your home!

In this final week of Summer Camp, students will explore the power of elasticity. Students will build three different projects that are all powered by rubber bands.  They will also write a cause and effect short story and create various sculptures out of clay. You don’t want to miss out on this last week of creative, project-based learning with Tutor Doctor Hawaii.


We had a blast exploring a ton of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Art concepts during the summer.

Watch the highlights video to see how we learn through play!

Spring Break Camp 2021

We sincerely thank all the families for entrusting us with your wonderful children, and for your steadfast support from home.  We could not have asked for a better group of students to kick off our first camp at our new learning center.  Each and every student was attentive, respectful, and considerate of one another, and they all approached the projects and challenges with great enthusiasm.

The students in the Extended Day Activities program had a blast playing games each day after class, and they formed a special bond by the end of the week.

Check out this recap video from Spring Break Camp 2021

Our New & Improved Learning Center!

We are so proud to introduce our newly renovated and furnished learning center!

The space at Manoa Marketplace had been vacant for many years, and it was in dire need of some major renovations.  We hired a contractor who completed the flooring, paint, and ceiling tiles in 4 weeks.  We also hired a HVAC team who thoroughly cleaned out the air conditioning system and replaced all the filters.  Our team then took on the huge task of building all the furniture and completing the space in less than 2 weeks before the first day of spring break camp.   

Check out the before and after photos.

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