At Manoa Keiki Club, we invite toddlers and caregivers to join us on a learning adventure full of cherished moments with your ohana!


Created and facilitated by our team of inspired educators, Manoa Keiki Club’s play-based classes are designed to stimulate toddlers’ cognitive, social, and physical development and pave the way for success in preschool, and beyond! With the help of new friends and supportive caregivers, our youngsters will discover early math and literacy, music and dance, art and crafts, and much more. With a small group of peers, they’ll hone early learning skills like listening & understanding, collaboration, problem solving and creative thinking.

In addition to structured activities, each hour-long session will include a period of open play where toddlers and grown ups can freely explore our new play space. In addition to books, games, and toys, curious youngsters will be able to interact with a series of Hawaii-themed “exploration stations.” Our keiki will buy treats at Zippy’s, harvest goodies at the Taro Patch, and more! Our team will rotate these stations on a monthly basis, so there will always be something new to explore! 

At Manoa Keiki Club, we provide a safe and comfortable space where toddlers can gain positive early learning experiences that will help them become confident, joyful learners throughout their childhood. 

Join us for Mānoa Keiki Club, where learning is play!

Our curriculum Includes:

 Art & crafts

  • Circle time
  • Music & dance
  • Early STEM activities
  • Games & physical fitness
  • Preschool prep
  • Early literacy & math
  • Life skills
  • New activities each class
  • New exploration stations in the play area every month 


Age Groups: 

Our program is divided into three different age groups: Honu, Manō, and Nēnē. Each group will take part in skill-building activities tailored to their age level. As kids advance, our curriculum gently prepares them for the classroom environment, while keeping the emphasis on fun, playful, and open-ended experience.

HONU CLASS (18 months – 24 months)

Your lively Honu will sing, dance, create arts & crafts, take turns playing games with peers, and explore free play! This quickly evolving hour-long class will keep your spirited keiki engaged while practicing early preschool skills. 

MANŌ CLASS (24 months – 30 months)

Our keiki will swim into a gentle introduction to early preschool concepts through fun and engaging activities that alternate between focused tasks and physical and interactive games. You and your curious Manō will build lasting experiences and have a blast discovering early literacy and math, circle time, science activities, music, art and more!

NĒNĒ CLASS (30 months – 36 months)

The Nēnē class flys into a slightly more formal class environment to prepare students for a smooth transition to preschool. Fun and engaging play-based activities will focus on early literacy and math concepts and promote independent, confident, eager learners who are ready for ‘big kid school’! 

 The Space: 

Keiki Club will be hosted in the new extension of our Mānoa Marketplace learning center, which features a large play-area and a more formal classroom. 

 How it Works: 

Keiki Club meets in our Mānoa Marketplace space every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning. 

Grown-up participation is required, and we ask that only 1 grown-up join us for class. Grown-ups are required to wear socks in the center while toddlers will go barefoot.

All families are invited to schedule a free introductory class. After that, participants can enroll in monthly packages that will auto-renew on a monthly basis. 

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