Keiki Codebreakers

Due to the overwhelming success and enthusiasm generated during our Breakout escape room weeks at summer camp, we’re thrilled to introduce Keiki Codebreakers.

Why Keiki Codebreakers?

Keiki Codebreakers is far more than a game; it’s a transformative experience tailored specifically for children in grades 1-6. Combining the excitement of an escape room with educational elements, this program offers a unique blend of engagement and learning. Not only will your kids have a blast, but they’ll also develop essential skills like critical thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving.

Join the Keiki Codebreakers – where young minds unlock fun!


Benefits & Learning Outcomes:

  • Excitement and Adventure
  • Fosters Critical Thinking
  • Promotes Teamwork
  • Enhances Problem-Solving Skills


With a different escape room featured one Saturday each month and an exciting lineup of brand-new rooms coming in January 2024, your child will always have a fresh and thrilling experience to look forward to!

Pricing (tax included):

$30.35 per participant 



Big Kahuna Medal Mission 

Saturday, October 21

5/10 Difficulty (Recommended for students grades 1-6)

Repeat escape room from summer camp 2022

Sam the Seal, a rising surf star, just clinched second place in the legendary Big Kahuna Surf Competition’s ‘Fins & Flippers’ division! Although his robust size couldn’t outpace the agile Dan the Dolphin, he was a hero among seals. To celebrate, Sam threw the most epic fish pizza party the ocean had ever seen.

But darkness loomed on the horizon. Shawn the Shark, bitter and vengeful for his own dismal performance in the competition, stole Sam’s cherished winning medal! Slyly opening his secret safe, Shawn put Sam’s medal inside and hid it somewhere in a mysterious and guarded location.

Now, the race against time has begun! Shawn is away for his weekly teeth-sharpening ritual, a grim appointment that only takes 45 minutes. Can you outwit the traps, solve the mind-bending puzzles, and locate the hidden safe to return Sam his hard-earned medal? Hurry! Time is ticking, and Shawn’s razor-sharp teeth will be back sooner than you think!”

Will you rise to the challenge? Will you become the hero the ocean needs? Delve into the watery abyss and help Sam reclaim his glory in the Big Kahuna Medal Mission.


Save The Universe

Saturday, November 18

6/10 Difficulty (Recommended for students grades 1-6)

Repeat escape room from summer camp 2022

In a secret laboratory far beyond the imagination of ordinary people, 11-year-old genius Ash Einstein is making groundbreaking strides alongside Elon Musk to colonize not just Mars, but every planet in the solar system. Harnessing the astonishing power of nanotechnology, Ash has temporarily miniaturized entire planets for study.

But here lies the catch: the experimental nanotech comes with a ticking clock. Within 45 minutes, the planets must be returned to their original size, or else humanity will shrink…permanently. A new world where we are all as tiny as ants, lost amid the vast cosmos!

Anticipating potential problems, Ash implemented an abort button. But little did he know, his work had already caught the attention of The Archivist, a shadowy figure residing in a technologically superior civilization galaxies away. For The Archivist, who collects the universe’s most rare and valuable treasures, the allure of possessing entire planets was irresistible.

On the very day of Ash’s successful nanotechnology test, disaster struck. The Archivist invaded Ash’s lab, stunning the young prodigy into a week-long slumber and imprisoning Elon Musk within an impenetrable force field. Worse, he seized the shrunken planets, locking each behind an elaborate labyrinth of puzzles only he could solve. And he intends to keep them as eternal prizes in his infinite collection.

The clock is ticking. The universe is in your hands. Can you unravel The Archivist’s cryptic puzzles, reclaim the stolen planets, and restore them to their rightful size before it’s too late? Time is running out—do you have the wits to Save the Universe?

Trapped In time

Saturday, December 16

8/10 Difficulty (Recommended for students grades 1-6)

Repeat escape room from summer camp 2023

Your group has been exclusively selected for an internship with the brilliant, Dr. Viktoria Nash. Dr. Nash is famous for her unconventional experiments that have made her a renowned scientist across the world. But as you step through the doors of her laboratory, something feels alarmingly wrong. It is completely deserted, filled only with an eerie silence.

Before you can turn back, a blinding flash of light engulfs the room, disorienting your senses. When your vision finally clears, you realize you’re no longer in the same era—you have been sent back to the year 1989! 

Ticking away ominously, the clock is a cruel reminder: you don’t have much time. As the loop threatens to permanently keep you in 1989, your only way out is to decode the cryptic clues Dr. Nash left throughout her lab. Dr. Nash has masterfully designed intricate obstacles and challenges to thwart any who dare to break free from her time-bending experiment.

Can you crack the codes, solve the riddles, and dodge the traps to find your way back to 2023? The lab holds the key and every tick of the clock draws you deeper into the past, and closer to your point of no return. Will you escape or be stuck in the year 1989 forever? You’re Trapped In time, and only time will tell. 

Please review our policies and guidelines carefully 

Health & Safety Guidelines

  • Masks are now optional during camp
  • Frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitizer will be encouraged throughout the day
  • Each student will have their own general supplies and cubby
  • Staff will be required to thoroughly disinfect the center frequently throughout the day
  • Any public place where people gather presents an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 or other communicable illnesses. Families must abide by Tutor Doctor Hawaii’s policies and procedures to mitigate this and assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and other illnesses. 

Please click to view Tutor Doctor Hawaii’s updated Health Guidelines and Policies

Behavior Expectations

Tutor Doctor Hawaii upholds the fundamental principle that every individual should be treated with dignity, respect and care to allow the opportunity to learn in a safe, fun and caring environment free from inappropriate language and unsafe or unethical behavior.  Every student plays an important role, and we all must act in a manner that promotes care and mutual respect for each other.  The safety and well-being of each and every one of our students and team members are of our highest priority, and we kindly request that you please discuss these behavior expectations with your child.  In the event that a student behaves in a way that disrupts the experience for others or endangers other students or team members, parents will be notified immediately and students may be sent home.  Tutor Doctor Hawaii reserves the right to ask children not to return to the learning center if their behavior consistently and negatively affects other students and team members.  In this case, tuition fees will not be refunded.


All students and staff are required to stay home and not attend if they are feeling sick or showing symptoms of illness. This is a key step in keeping our center safe for everyone, and we kindly request for parents to assess their children before coming to camp.  If your child will be staying home and missing a session for any reason, please report this to the office.

(808) 439-6777

Booking Fee

All registrations will be subject to a $1.99 non-refundable booking fee required by our integrated registration software, Sawyer. This will be applied once per order at checkout. 

Cancellation Policy

Should you choose to cancel your registration for any reason, you must provide notice 14 days before the date you are enrolled in to receive a full refund minus a $5.00 processing fee. There will be no refunds issued within 14 days of the session date. In the event that a session has low enrollment, we may cancel the session and offer a full refund.

Drop Off & Pick Up 

Please drop off your child at the learning center on time to ensure the escape room can begin promptly.  

Please pick up your child at the learning center 1 hour after the start time. 

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