At Manoa Keiki Club, we invite toddlers and caregivers to join us on a learning adventure full of cherished moments with your ohana!

Created and facilitated by our team of inspired educators, Manoa Keiki Club’s play-based classes are designed to stimulate toddlers’ cognitive, social, and physical development and pave the way for success in preschool, and beyond! With the help of new friends and supportive caregivers, our youngsters will discover early math and literacy, music and dance, art and crafts, and much more. With a small group of peers, they’ll hone early learning skills like listening & understanding, collaboration, problem solving and creative thinking.

In addition to structured activities, each hour-long session will include a period of open play where toddlers and grown ups can freely explore our new play space. In addition to books, games, and toys, curious youngsters will be able to interact with a series of Hawaii-themed “exploration stations.” Our keiki will buy and sell goods at Longs, Jr., harvest at a taro patch, and more! Our team will rotate some of these stations on a monthly basis, so there will always be something new to explore! 

At Manoa Keiki Club, we provide a safe and comfortable space where toddlers can gain positive early learning experiences that will help them become confident, joyful learners throughout their childhood. 

Join us for Mānoa Keiki Club, where learning feels like play!

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Our curriculum Includes:

  • 1 take home project per class
  • Circle time
  • Music & dance
  • Early STEM activities
  • Games & group activities
  • Preschool prep
  • Early literacy & math
  • Life skills
  • New project and activities each class
  • New exploration station in the play area every month 

Example class format

5-10 minutesCircle Time
10 minutesFree Play
10 minutesProject
10 minutesGroup Activity
10 minutesFree Play
5-10 minutesStory time & Good Bye Song

Age Groups: 

In response to your valuable feedback, we’ve adjusted our age groups to include children 18 months – 4.5 years old!

Our program is divided into three different age groups: Honu, Manō, and Nēnē. Each group engages in activities specially designed for their skill level. As children progress, our curriculum gently readies them for the classroom setting, all while maintaining a focus on a fun, playful, and open-ended experience.

HONU CLASS (18 months – 23 months)

Your lively Honu will sing, dance, create arts & crafts, take turns playing games with peers, and explore free play! This quickly evolving hour-long class will keep your spirited keiki engaged while practicing early preschool skills. 

MANŌ CLASS (24 months – 35 months)

Your Manō will “swim” into a gentle introduction to early preschool concepts through fun and engaging activities that alternate between focused tasks and physical and interactive games. You and your curious keiki will build lasting experiences and have a blast discovering early literacy and math, circle time, STEM concepts, music, art and more!

NĒNĒ CLASS (3 years old –  4.5 years old)

The Nēnē class flies into a slightly more formal class environment to prepare students for a smooth transition to preschool. Fun and engaging play-based activities will focus on early literacy and math concepts and promote independent, confident, eager learners who are ready to soar into ‘big kid school’! 

Introducing Flexible Class Packages!

Manoa Keiki Club classes are scheduled every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Please see the monthly schedule for exact dates. 

Grown-up participation is required, and we ask that only 1 grown-up join us for class. Grown-ups are required to provide and wear socks in the center while keiki will go barefoot.

All families are invited to schedule a free introductory class. After this initial session, you have the flexibility to book classes based on your schedule and what works best for you and your keiki. While single-class options are available, we highly encourage you to take advantage of our class packs for a more cost-effective deal. You may choose to join us once, twice, or even three times a week, as each class will offer something new and exciting!

4-class package (to be used within 60 days)

8-class pacakage (to be used within 90 days)

12-class pacakge (to be used within 90 days)

Step-by-step guide: registering for class packages for Manoa Keiki Club

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Trial classes may be scheduled on any day available year round!

You may join us once, twice or three times a week as each class will offer something new!

Please review the Manoa Keiki Club policies and guidelines carefully 

Health & Safety Guidelines

  • Masks are now optional at Tutor Doctor Hawaii and Manoa Keiki Club 
  • We kindly ask all participants to wash or disinfect their hands before entering the play center
  • Staff will be required to thoroughly disinfect the center between each class and at the beginning and end of each day 
  • Keiki and staff are required to stay home and not attend class if they are feeling sick or showing symptoms of illness. This is a key step in keeping our center safe for everyone, and we kindly request for parents to assess their children before coming to class. 
  • Any public place where people gather presents an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 or other communicable illnesses. Families must abide by Tutor Doctor Hawaii’s policies and procedures to mitigate this and assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and other illnesses. 

Please click to view Tutor Doctor Hawaii’s updated Health Guidelines and Policies

Booking Fee

All registrations are subject to a $1.99 non-refundable booking fee required by our integrated registration software, Sawyer. This will be applied once per order at checkout. The booking fee will not be applied to subsequent monthly charges. 

Class Packages

Families have the option to purchase class packages for greater convenience and flexibility. These packages allow you to schedule available classes at times that work best for you and your child.


Class scheduling is on a first-come, first-serve basis. To ensure availability and to accommodate your preferred time slots, we recommend booking your classes as early as possible.

Advanced Booking

All classes must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. This allows us to prepare materials, coordinate instructors, and deliver the best experience for your child. Once a class is scheduled, it will be automatically deducted from your class package.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel a scheduled class, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance. Upon timely cancellation, the class will be credited back to your account, and you can reschedule it for another time.

There will be no refunds on any class package purchases. By purchasing a class package, you agree to adhere to the policies outlined above.

Missed Class Due to Illness

We understand that children can fall ill suddenly and unexpectedly. If your child wakes up feeling sick and will not be able to attend a scheduled class, please contact us as soon as possible to let us know.


Behavior Expectations and Policy 

Tutor Doctor Hawaii upholds the fundamental principle that every individual should be treated with dignity, respect and care to allow the opportunity to play and learn in a safe, fun and caring environment. Every individual plays an important role in our classes, and we all must act in a manner that promotes care and mutual respect for each other. The safety and well-being of each child and team member are of our highest priority, and we kindly request that you please help to guide your child accordingly. In the event that a child behaves in a way that repeatedly disrupts the class experience for others or endangers other children or team members, they may be asked to be removed from the class. Tutor Doctor Hawaii reserves the right to ask children not to return to the play center if their behavior consistently and negatively affects other children and team members. In this case, tuition fees will not be refunded.

Manoa Keiki Club Class and Play Center Policies 

  • Grown-ups must provide and wear their own socks in the play center while keiki will go barefoot.
  • Grown-up participation is required, and we kindly request that only 1 grown-up join us for class. 
  • We kindly request that only enrolled members of Manoa Keiki Club join our classes, with the exception of infants in babywearing carriers. 
  • Please supervise your keiki at all times. 
  • Please refrain from using your cell phone during class to allow for a distraction-free experience with your keiki. 
  • Please be respectful and courteous to others if you intend to upload photos and videos to social media platforms that may include other keiki or grown-ups in class. 
  • Please refrain from bringing your own toys or personal items into the play center. 
  • Drinking and eating are not permitted in the play center. 
  • Manoa Keiki Club classes are designed to gently introduce keiki to the structured routine of preschool. We strongly encourage your keiki to participate and transition through each activity as scheduled. If your keiki does not want to participate in the scheduled activity (such as circle time or the group activity), we kindly request that you refrain from allowing free play at the other stations to avoid further disruptions. 
  • All play centers and playgrounds have an inherent risk of illness and injury. Anyone who enters our play center assumes and understands the risk for yourself and children. We are not responsible for any loss, theft or damage of personal property. 

Please click to view the Manoa Keiki Club Policies and Guidelines PDF

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