Our Process

Every student is unique, with their own strengths and areas for growth, their own styles of learning and goals. At Tutor Doctor Hawaii, we value those differences and love getting to know each student for who they are. Our team of experienced tutors customize each session to address individual needs, personalities, and goals.


The Tutor Doctor Process 

  • Assess: We begin with a free assessment for students grades PreK-6 and a comprehensive interview for older students. This helps us gauge where a student is at academically, and how best to support them. We share results with families and students, work together to set goals, and discuss optimal, realistic timelines for achieving them. 
  • Match: Tutor Doctor employs a team of focused, experienced tutors with a broad range of specializations. Each student is paired with the tutor we believe best fits their learning style, goals, and personality. If a match is not productive, we are always happy to reassess.
  • Tutor: Every student receives customized academic support and attention. This may include help with current school work, strengthening foundations, filling in gaps, time management support, developing new learning strategies–or all of the above. Our tutors are flexible and creative and have a wide array of tools at their disposal. The tutoring process isn’t static, but evolves over time as the tutor and student get to know each other.
  • Support: Students’ emotional wellbeing is essential to their academic success. Our tutors truly care about their tutees and excel at making genuine connections with young people, as they help nurture their confidence and development as learners. We also make sure to follow up on our services, keeping parents and caregivers  in the loop and checking in with regular session reports about how the student is doing. 

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