During our STEM camps, students will use the design thinking process to build working machines, conduct various experiments, discover programming logic, and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  Our summer art program offers students the freedom to explore their creativity in various forms of mixed media art and writing.



School may pause for the summer, but learning never stops.  Join us for learning that feels like play with hands-on, project-based learning!  

During the STEM program, you might…

  • Engineer a car that demonstrates Newton’s Third Law of Motion
  • Learn about circuits and build a glowing wand
  • Simulate natural disasters through various experiments
  • Play games and puzzles to learn the basics of coding
  • Design, engineer, and improve a crash test car

During the art and writing program, you might…

  • Write and illustrate your own storybook
  • Learn geometry and create a museum worthy tessellation
  • Research and write your own informational leaflet
  • Explore abstract shapes with printmaking
  • Write and illustrate your own manga comic book

Recommended for:

  • Students entering grades 1-6 (must have completed Kindergarten).
  • Students will be differentiated into 2 classes. (subject to enrollment numberso
  • Group 1: students entering grades 1-3
  • Group 2: students entering grades 4-6

Your tuition includes:

  • All project materials 
  • 2-3 STEM projects per week
  • 1 art project per week
  • 1 writing project per week
  • All STEM builds, art projects, and writing projects to take home
  • Research and learning materials
  • Worksheets and games to reinforce the STEM concepts learned


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