Elementary, Middle School Tutoring

Is your student struggling to reach their full academic potential? We at Tutor Doctor Hawaii are equipped and ready to help your student use their natural intelligence to succeed in school and grow in knowledge.

Even the smartest students can struggle in the classroom. Poor focus and organization, or a lack of study habits can hinder a student’s overall success. Our individual tutoring sessions will help your student not only understand class material but also succeed in all aspects of their education. The elementary and middle school tutors are handpicked to meet your student’s needs and unique learning styles. Your student will be getting the individualized attention and care that they need to help them succeed!


  • We take the time to understand each student’s learning style and adapt tutoring techniques to meet their needs.
  • Each tutor is handpicked for your child
  • Each student’s progress is tracked
  • Communication is always open and academic success is a team effort between tutor, parent, teacher and student

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