English Language Arts Tutoring 

In English/Language Arts students develop reading, communication, and analytical skills that can benefit them well beyond the classroom. But these skills can be tough to master and require an environment of care, intention, and inspiration to cultivate in a well-rounded way. 

A student may be a strong reader and thinker, but struggle to communicate their ideas in writing. Or a student may have no trouble grasping technical concepts, but lack a strong foundation in reading and comprehension. 

For many people, learning to articulate their thoughts aloud in class discussion can be intimidating…

Free PreK-6 Assessment

Please complete the Tutoring Inquiry Form and upon completion you will be directed to a link to schedule your free assessment.

With one-on-one tutoring at Tutor Doctor Hawaii, students can refine and strengthen vital communication and literacy skills. Our experienced tutors are experts at helping students connect with reading, improve their writing, and hone their expressive abilities. From early literacy to advanced reading, from basic composition to constructing complex arguments and narratives, we are here to help students navigate the nuances of the English language and better communicate as writers and speakers. 

7-12 Grade Students

For students in grades 7-12, please complete the following Tutoring Inquiry Form and we will get back to you very soon with additional information.

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