Science Tutoring 

The study of science should be exciting and challenging, full of experiment, inquiry, and hands-on learning that helps students understand and interrogate the world around them. But it can also be overwhelming, with its abundance of information, terms, systems and equations, and intimidating tests. 

Unlike Math, K – 12 science doesn’t necessarily build on itself year after year. A student can be confused about how  electrical circuits work but fully grasp cell biology; nevertheless, it can be a challenge to synthesize so much material, master procedures and equations, and demonstrate one’s knowledge in a clear and efficient way. 

At Tutor Doctor Hawaii, students will find tutors who can help them work through the complexities of any given topic in science and work on learning strategies to retain and effectively apply what they know. For students engaged in project-based curriculums, tutoring can assist with work and time-management, and help them make the most of their assignments.


Science Subjects

  • K-8 Science
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

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7-12 Grade Students

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